Tracking Emails are not getting to Customer

There is a number of reason why your recipient doesnt get emails from your sending tracking emails. First you need to understand we have 2 type of sending emails

  1. Emails from CreataCRM, Quotes, invoices, etc. This is not tracking emails, and will not trace how manu opens clicks etc. If users are not getting these emails please read this article
  2. If you are sending Tracking emails, sending alarts, this is for you, as there is a number of steps to improve your recipient getting your emails. This article explains this.

Setting up Sparkpost

When setting up Spark sport, there is a number of things you need to do

  1. Creating a Sending Domain
    1. Add a SPF ( Sender Policy Framework) record on your DNS. More information on SPF Record . There is many different ways to add this of Domain, Fees will apply if we do this.

Add a Bounce Domain

More information

Option 2:

Add your root domain (e.g. as a sending domain. Only add the CNAME verification if you understand the root domain CNAME record caveats (see note immediately below).

If using a root domain as a sending domain, add a separate subdomain (e.g. to be used as a bounce domain. Only add the CNAME record for that subdomain to your DNS and ignore the TXT verification.

To configure a bounce domain, choose the subdomain you would like to use (e.g. and add the appropriate CNAME record to your DNS settings. For

Hostname Type Value CNAME

Check your Email Templates

Assuming that you have your domain both spf and dkim verified and Bounce domain, You use Sending Email Test Services, and test the email

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