Working with Tags

Tags are great for grouping Customers into Tags and groups. This is used for Marketing and searching groups of Customers.

Creating a Tag

  1. CRM
  2. Tags Plus Button

New Tag

  1. Name of the Tag
  2. Backgound Colour
  3. Text Colour
  4. Show On List Viiews
    • This is on by Default, but you untick will remove from the List view on the old Views
  5. Icons Selector, If you are looking to change the icons, you can search the 140 icons or click on the input box to change them

Save And View

To Add contacts

Create a Criteria

  1. Click on the Tabs
  2. Modify Criteria

Type of Criteria

  1. Buyer Behaviour
  2. Criteria Builder
  3. Geofence
  4. Plaintext

Criteria Type

If you choose Criteria Type you need to choose 4 type of tables

  1. Contact
  2. Company
  3. Opportunity
  4. Lead

This example we choose Contact

Click on the Add Criteria Button

Click on the Field Chooser

In this example we choose Email Field

Choose a Criteria

In this example you can choose Is Blank

Then click on Add

This will display a Critieria Builder on the List

Click on Run Tag workflow

This will add the Customers on the Contacts Tab

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